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'Thorogreen' Beans
Sub-Category: Bush
Description: Bush lima bean with 18-inch, upright plants with 3 inch pods. Long harvest season. Also known as 'Allgreen'.
Days To Maturity: 66
Seed Sources: Gurneys Seed & Nursery Co. - updated in 2019
Henry Field's Seed and Nursery Co. - updated in 2013

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Reviewed on 11/07/2006 by farmerdill - An experienced gardener

Overall Overall
Taste Taste
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Richmond, Georgia, United States
Frost Free Season: 183 - 203 days
Soil Texture: Sand
Garden Size: Large - More than 1,600 square feet (40' x 40')
Sun Exposure: More than 8 hours per day

Virtually identical to Cangreen, this is an excellent performer here. Good flavor and good yields.

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