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'Friggitello' Peppers
Sub-Category: Sweet
Description: Sweet Italian heirloom frying pepper. 3- to 4-foot plants bear thin-skinned, tapered, 3- to 5-inch by 1-inch light-green fruits. Also known as 'Napoleatano'.
Days To Maturity: NA
Seed Sources:
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Reviewed on 12/22/2009 by YorkerJenny - An intermediate gardener

Overall Overall
Taste Taste
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Onondaga, New York, United States
Frost Free Season: 123 - 143 days
Soil Texture: Clay
Garden Size: Large - More than 1,600 square feet (40' x 40')
Sun Exposure: More than 8 hours per day

Also known as Friariello. Excellent green frying pepper. It has that classic fryig pepper taste. It's because it's name is green, so I picked them up when they were green. Plants produces a lot of them. Then they produced 2nd set of peppers. In this bad climate? Then I learned from's owner that they actually turn to red nicely and taste is sweeter. I had soem red ones from 2nd set. Then they started to 3rd set, but it was time for frost. I also tried as stuffed pepper (ground beef, onion, tomato paste, oil, salt, black pepper) , they have amazing taste. Meanwhile we had late frost alarm, I lost some pepper plants, some of them lost their leaves, some of them were in perfect shape as if nothing happened. This variety survived from those very cold nights. Next year, I'll keep some of 1st set green peppers on the plant until they turn to red. Germination rate was %100. I bought the seeds from growitalian. com I was confused about this peppers. Because the picture on the internet was different than the pics on the seed package, and they were different than what I grew. I asked to's owner, my peppers were Friariello (friggitello).

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