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'White Bullet' Peppers
Sub-Category: Hot
Description: Early, hot habanero. Plants bear 1-inch by 1/2-inch, bullet-shaped, white fruit ripening to light golden yellow. Three times hotter than most habaneros. Also known as 'White Bullet Habanero'
Days To Maturity: NA
Seed Sources:
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Reviewed on 10/14/2010 by idahocole - An intermediate gardener

Overall Overall

Lewis, Washington, United States
Frost Free Season: 143 - 163 days
Soil Texture: Clay
Garden Size: Small - Less than 400 square feet (20' x 20')
Sun Exposure: More than 8 hours per day

I have not grown the white bullet habanero yet but I can vouch for both its flavor and heat. I plan, next year to grow a few of these plants. I expect it to be a heavy bearer.

Reviewed on 12/07/2006 by pepperhead212 - An experienced gardener

Overall Overall
Taste Taste
Yield Yield
Ease/Reliability Ease

Gloucester, New Jersey, United States
Frost Free Season: 143 - 163 days
Soil Texture: Loam
Garden Size: Large - More than 1,600 square feet (40' x 40')
Sun Exposure: 6 to 8 hours per day

Earliest habanero I have grown, and one of the hottest and most productive. Three years in a row it was hotter than the Red Savinas grown in my garden (though this was due, in part, to the RS seeds not being like they used to be, even though from the same source). It is listed as 16,000 on the company's heat scale, compared to it's brother - the Gold Bullet at 40,000, but they seem much closer than that. It is super productive - not quite as large or productive as the gold bullet but earlier, much earlier than most other habs, as I get ripe ones in mid to late July. I also have grown one for 4 years now in a pot, trimming it back every year, and last year I triggered an indoor flowering with a 150w HPS light, getting so many flowers I had to pinch off over half of them! Incredible habanero flavor when ripe, and usable in any recipe calling for them, as long as you like the heat.

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