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'Ho Mi Z' Mustard
Sub-Category: None
Description: Asian mustard. Plants produce frilled, medium-green, leaves with red veins.
Days To Maturity: 21-45
Seed Sources:
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Reviewed on 01/28/2009 by Cheriť B. - A novice gardener

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Kankakee, Illinois, United States
Frost Free Season: 143 - 163 days
Soil Texture: Loam
Garden Size: Large - More than 1,600 square feet (40' x 40')
Sun Exposure: More than 8 hours per day

IL, Zone 5a: Ho Mi Z Mustard's are the best mustard greens I've ever tasted. The rabbits even prefer them over India mustard, seven top turnip,and purple top white globe greens. I had all of these organic greens planted in lots side by side and only the Ho Mi Z greens were eaten by the rabbits and my chickens. After the killing frost all other greens perished, not so for Ho Mi Z. Then we had an ice storm with 3/4 inch of ice coating everything, the Ho Mi Z's were still putting on new growth after all of that ice melted and we had some nice days. If you love mustards, I highly recommend Ho Mi Z Mustard Greens. Cheriť Billings

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